• Genius Luxury Adjustable bed

    Tailored to your taste with a choice of 7 elegant fabrics.

    This adjustable bed will be the perfect addition to your home and well-being. Built with a solid padded base, the Genius Luxury bed's postural support is the height of sophistication. It contours at 5 points and independently adjusts each end, to provide optimum comfort for any sitting or lying position, not to mention being surprisingly robust; it can hold up to 28 stone in weight. Our unique Easy-Reach? design also means that no matter how you position the Genius Luxury bed base, you will still be able to reach all those important items on the bedside table.

  • Genius Deluxe Reclining Bath Lift

    Deluxe Reclining Bath Lift

    Simple to take in and out of the bath, it separates into two parts for easier lifting and carrying. High quality materials and construction offer the utmost in safety and comfort with no servicing required. One of the lightest reclining bath lifts available makes it the essential bathroom companion.

  • Genius Executive 8

    The Ultimate Outdoor Scooter

    The Genius Executive 8 is a large sized high performance scooter, suitable for pavement road or off road use. The ultimate in outdoor scooters; features include full suspension and a hydraulic brake system makes this scooter a blend of power and precision. The ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a top of the range everyday scooter with all the extras!


Our Service

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Up to 5 years warranty

All our products come with guarantee of up to 5 years for your peace of mind and our products have been selected to ensure they are of the highest quality.